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Towing Service

Europe is our area of work. Sete/France is an important part of this. Taylan Transport provides container/trailer transport from Sete/FR to everywhere. Every day our trucks are on their way to and from France. All kinds of destinations are affected. The head office of Taylan Transport is located in Port of Sete France. Container/trailer transport to and from France is all arranged for you from there. Transporting containers/trailers in all shapes and sizes is our specialty. Safety, efficiency and service are always paramount.


Road Transport (FTL/LTL)

To address customer requirements and time expectations, Taylan Transport’s land transportation solutions offer Complete and Partial service options based on product volume. Needs may be the delivery of one order or more - a complex project with multiple orders. Taylan Transport assesses customers’ requirements to develop flexible solutions and provide loading spaces to ensure optimal transportation time.


Customs Clearence

Taylan Transport completes customs processes in the shortest period of time without any complications with its own international operations teams positioned at various customs locations and with courier operations which perform document flow in the fastest manner.

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